Rundamentals: Focus, training and running in 2022

(Filmed 12 January 2022)

Listen as two coaches talk about getting focus and clarity around your running in 2022. Do you want help with mindset? Motivation? Goal Setting? General annual planning?

Simon and Andrea are experienced local coaches from opposite ends of the running spectrum. Simon is an accomplished international athlete and coach, and will give you tips on getting the most out of your personal power, improving performance and framing your outlook for personal achievement over the next 12 months. Andrea is a committed back of the packer, who runs for quiet enjoyment, community, mental health, personal goals and fun.

With two very different sets of lenses, let's take a look at what your running might look like in 2022.

From Slow to Powerful

(Filmed in Sydney, Australia in July 2021 as runners face tighter restrictions on outdoor exercise and the cancellation of races.)

Hear from not one but TWO running coaches on how running has been a coping tool at various points in their lives, together with tips and hacks for getting stronger, more efficient and maintaining the best running mindset during a difficult chapter.

Simon is a Sydney-based coach and runner. He held the All-African Elite triathlon championships title in 1999, and has raced and coached professionally in France and qualified and raced at Kona (Hawaii Ironman.) He has a natural passion for helping others achieve through empowering, structured training systems that create a positive, balanced, motivating and purposeful environment where results take care of themselves.

Andrea is known locally as The Slow Coach. The complete opposite of Simon, she has cemented her position at the back of the pack and her love running is not for the podium finishes (she has none!) but for the sense of personal achievement and positive health benefits that running has given her. Like almost everyone, both Simon and Andrea have had their share of life challenges but have found that running can be an invaluable tool in coping, strengthening and overcoming adversity.

As we seek ways to survive another lockdown and stare down the uncertainty of the immediate future, learn tips and techniques for strengthening your love of running, strategies for improving your runs and ask questions from two coaches who have been there done that.